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Fresh, Healthy, Made With Love

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100% Vegan

P l a n t-B a s e d

Siem Reap

In our vegan restaurant in Siem Reap

we prepare fresh, delicious and healthy plant-based food every day. The creative minds behind our Hey Bong recipes are constantly developing new local, international and seasonal delicacies. 

Plant power food a mindful way of eat.

What if the humble idea of ​​plant power food could spread around the world?

This would have a positive impact on the well-being of animals, the environment and people.

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We produce daily with love and care. Therefore, we consiciously purchase our resources and pay attention to fresh and natural products. We prefer local and regional products from Siem Reap and across the Country.


Our offer is nutritionally supported and free of unnecessary preservatives and additives such as glutamate. Of course, we also do not use genetically modified foods. We consciously use as little palm or brown sugar as possible.


We cook plant-based food with passion in our vegan restaurant in Siem Reap. With our own recipes, we purse a mix of innovation and tradition. Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians - everyone will find what they are looking for here, especially the connoisseurs.

Special Menu Is On!

Sit down, relax and let us pamper you.
In our vegan restaurant we serve our delicious plant-based dishes or invite you to our signature cocktails and vegan wines in Cambodia's first and only vegan cocktail bar.

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What our customer say:

Vegan Cocktails and Fingerfood Siem Reap
Book a Table

For groups more than 10 people please call us directly on 099 819 993

Opening Hours:

Open every day from 8am - 10pm

With us you can pay with VISA, Mastercard or ABA-PAY, of course also in cash😊

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