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Are you ready for Hey Bong's
Charity Dinner?

Come and celebrate our vegan charity dinner with us and support the outstanding charity Animals Of Our World - Reg Charity 1197372

Every Monday in December we host a charity dinner for the House Of Strays in Siem Reap.

The sanctuary provides a temporary home for rescued animals who are successfully adopted but also a permanent home for animals that are not. 

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Hey Bong's Charity Dinner?

Our Chef Sinoun created a 4-course Khmer plant-based Tasting Menu especially for the charity event.

 Prahok Kits

Plant-based Prahok Ktis is a great introduction to the authentic Khmer cuisine. Made with tofu, minced mushrooms, pea eggplant, spices, herbs and coconut milk this signature Hey Bong dish is served with fresh crisp vegetables.

Kabocha Pumpkin Soup

The kabocha pumpkin soup has a sweet, earthy flavor with hints of chestnut. Made with fresh kabocha pumpkin, carrots, spices and coconut milk. A full-bodied and creamy soup full of healthy ingredients.

Hey Bong's Signature Amok

Amok is the most famous dish in Khmer cuisine.
Hey Bong's plant-based Signature Amok is made from lemongrass curry paste with marinated tofu and is a must on any culinary journey through Cambodian cuisine.

Magical Mango Sticky Rice

For the finale, our chef Sinoun created a magical sweet mango sticky rice with coconut milk and fresh mango to bring the 4-course tasting menu to a delicious conclusion.

Each course is served individually, the photo is just a summary

of the 4-course tasting menu.

Reserve your table now and support the animals in need.

Hey Bong's Charity Tasting Menu

per person $12.50

Hey Bong donates 50% of the proceeds from the dinner to charity to AOOW House Of Stray

- Reg Charity 1197372 

Date: Monday 05.12. / 12.12. / 19.12.

Time: 6pm-9pm

Location: Hey Bong – The Healthy Secrets

Don't have time for the charity dinner?

How You Can HELP

How You Can Help?   

As a non-profit organization, your support makes a change in what we can do. Your donation goes towards running our essential rehabilitation base and animal sanctuary, and directly funds the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, abandoned, or abused stray animals predominantly in Siem Reap, but also all around Cambodia whenever an animal needs our help. We need you!  

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Food donations Hey Bong.jpg

You are still looking for a suitable Christmas present for the dogs in need?

Food donations are one of the most important things you can do!
This mean everything to our team as they are one of our biggest weekly expenses.

We use a 20kg bag of dog food every day.

Save Animals With Us

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